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Forth Inspection will advise on the correct procedures for non-destructive testing with our consulting services. Knowing what to inspect, when to inspect, and what methodology to use not only improves asset integrity but also helps to reduce the total cost of ownership. We offer extensive Level III NDT consultancy services ranging from inspection planning, reviews of existing inspection procedures and NDT written practices, professional third-party witnessing, and evaluation of collected NDT data.

We support you with a comprehensive portfolio of consultancy services for non-destructive testing (NDT) and provide advice tailored to your industrial sector, the type and purpose of your individual assets, the type of degradation to be expected and the age of your plant.

We strive to provide know-how about specialized testing methods that require extensive expertise or need independent verification. Our experts are acquainted with international codes and specifications. What is more, our consultancy is accredited to Level III for various NDT techniques. We offer application specific training, written reports on processes and procedures, specification advice and dispute arbitration.

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