CIVA Modelling


CIVA Modelling reduces the time required for on-site testing and increases the reliability of the tests.

Applications modelling can be used for the following;

  • Prediction and visualisation of ultrasonic fields
  • Calculation of focal points
  • Prediction of the interaction of ultrasound with flaws of various types
  • Verification of the behaviour of ultrasound in components of complex geometry (e.g. pressure vessel nozzles)
  • Removal of expensive timely validation activities
  • Enhanced imagery to assist with the understanding of ultrasonic beam propagation

Forth Inspection Service approach

Development and evaluation of inspection approaches for specific applications which typically cover complex geometries where beam paths/profiles would be difficult to assess.  A range of ultrasonic inspection approaches can be modelled including single-probe compression & shear-wave pulse-echo, twin-probe “pitch-catch” arrangements,  Time of Flight Diffraction and Phased Array Inspection.


Civa Modelling


Civa Modelling Report

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