ONDIA - AI data analysis

ONDIA - AI data analysis

Specially designed artificial intelligence technology to analyze NDT data in 3D

Intelligent NDT Data Analysis

  • NDT data analysis using Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Data integrity and quality control
  • Project and data management web app
  • Data visualization and analysis tools

The key benefits of artificial intelligence

  • Can analyze data directly in 3D
  • Can be trained, so very flexible (Deep Learning)
  • Can be used for fraud detection
  • Improves itself by interacting with analysts (feedback loop)
  • Accessible 24/7
  • Consistent analysis quality
  • Analysis capacity and performance can be enhanced as needed (cloud infrastructure)
  • AI as an analysis tool allows for optimal verification of welds, with significant advantages for all project stakeholders

ONDIA’s Data Analysis Service

Easily accessible from anywhere in the world, our data analysis service using artificial intelligence (AI) has many practical features: 

  • Detects fraud and duplicate files
  • Verifies data quality
  • Analyzes thousands of files simultaneously
  • Is accessible at all times
  • Ensures consistent analysis quality
  • Enables certified analysts to correct the results of the AI analysis (as needed) using data visualization and measurement tools
  • Quadruples analyst efficiency for complex data files
  • Ensures compliance with procedures and consistent analysis quality through the use of simultaneous verifications

The ONDIA web application

  • Simple, user-friendly navigation
  • Separate interfaces for managing clients, projects and users
  • Simultaneous management of multiple projects
  • Manual analysis option
  • Downloadable analysis reports (PDF)
  • 2D and 3D visualization